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Monday, December 18, 2006

The END of "Wussy Guy" Syndrome

It fills my heart with utmost JOY and Celebration to see this dreaded "plague" finally on it's way to come to an END.

What's that??? You haven't heard of any disease ravaging mankind you say?? You're not aware of any such happenings???

No matter,,it's not a disease that ravages all mankind. It only ravages the male-kind. And this disease is called -


That's right.. This has been the scourge which has ripped through the urban male population like World War II in Europe and left only destruction and confusion.

What is this "Metrosexuality"??

According to , A metrosexual is defined as a dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle; a straight man who is in touch with his feminine side.

That definition by itself is somewhat incomplete in that it does not elaborate on the "eccentricities" of the metro-sexual male who goes about expressing his new found "feminine side".

Let's see now..How metrosexuality is shown in the popular media.

1)A guy who wears pastel shades clothes and apparel,, EVEN PINK. Nothing too out of the normal there. Guys can experiment with offbeat colours as well for party occasions and stuff..But PINK??? Please guys..PINK??? What's next for the new found "feminine side" in you?? Lingerie???

2)A guy who undertakes a skin care regime in order to be more,,,"urban fresh"( newspaper term, i have no idea what it means). Skin care for the metrosexual guy means facials, waxing, pedicure, manicure and the works. Now me being a guy,, i don't really go "neanderthal" with my skin either, especially not in winters. But my "skin care" starts with shaving and stops with applying moisturizer after a bath. Pedicure and Manicure for me is taking a nail clipper and running through my fingers and toes once in 15 days. THAT'S IT!!! Really guys,,where will it stop once we start down this path?? Are we going to see a guy and gal together where their idea of a 'date' is going to the salon together for a skin-care package??? YUCKKKKKK!!!!!

3)A guy who's not very strongly built with bulging muscles and has a rather gaunt frame - Yeesh man. That's all that the world required. Gaunt looking guys who compete with gals and cringe about extra fat on their tushies.

4)A guy who's in touch with his 'femimine side' - I guess that would mean talking like a GAY (ooohh Naughty...hahaha), CRYING (My Lord!!! Forgive them,,for they know not what they do) and other things i don't have the stomach to write about.

It's funny though. When this "metrosexual" fad started and caught popular media attention, newspapers and youth shows TV were splattered with gals who were saying stuff like "Ooh,,,we like Guys who're in touch with their emotions..Who express them out like we girls do". Now is it only ME who sees the paradox in that statement. "Girls" and "express them out" DO NOT necessarily work in the same sentence. Not when guys know that getting girls to divulge any matter which is bothering them is harder than digging through a cement foundation with a solitary hand shovel. Now gals want the GUYS to do the same??? Thanks,,but no thanks!!!

Now what can we use as basis to state that this fad or trend is coming to an end??? Well,,for one,, media coverage suggesting that the Metrosexual guy is "PASSE" and the RETROsexual guy in "IN". I can't say that media coverage is 100% accurate or ahead of the curve,,but it's a promising sign.. Time guys behaved like GUYS and not GALS (I get enough of BOBBY DARLING on an hour of Bigg Boss thank you very much). Secondly,,everything in fashion and lifestyle is a cyclical phenomena. What's HOT today is COLD tomorrow and HOT again the next week so it's just a matter of time that this "metrosexual" male is gone for good.

AND i can't truly express by words how HAPPY i am for it.

If any of you might be wondering and itching to ask, Why does this bother ME so much if i'm not following the "Metrosexual' way of life anyway. Nothing direct let me assure you, it's just that i couldn't bear to see Guys losing what matters most to a guy - His Tough Guy persona. Ok forget Tough Guy persona,,A GUY persona atleast.

That's a wrap on my take on this uniquely and pathetically disturbing Urban Phenomena which thankfully is on it's way to the sphere of history(for now).

Comments, suggestions, commendations and flames all welcome......

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Scribbles of a wandering mind - Part III

It's been a month plus since i did any blog entry. The time lag was not because i had nothing to write about. But i had too many subjects to write about but couldn't concentrate on any one long enough to pen,,uh,,keyboard my thoughts in.

But,,my 'slumber' is now over,,and i'm back to write down my,,'take' on the things i saw and felt and understand get the gist.

I got many comments, recorded in blog and otherwise, about the laxity in me putting up the "GUY" side of things in the relationship matter that i touched upon, ok, SURGICALLY DISMEMBERED, in my last 2 "Scribbles". Some said that i was afraid of penning the guy side simply coz i would be disclosing some of my OWN faults. But worry not dear readers,, fear and EGO shall not stand in the way of enlightenment of the female masses wanting to learn about the "MALE MIND".

DISCLAIMER - I do VERY STRONGLY believe that the 'Male' way of thinking as inherently simpler, more logical, much less prone to needless emotional swings than the female way of thinking. Call me sexist, call me misogynist or whatever else you want, but i'm the way i am,,and THAT'S FINAL!!!!

Right then,,let me start off with what the female readers want to see first of all - HOW GUYS VIEW GIRLS!!!

:- Possible strong language, reference to abusive words and parts of female anatomy. If you're uneasy about the subject matter..KINDLY STOP READING!!

GUYS view girls in 4 distinct categories:-

  1. OOOH MAN...She's HOT
  2. Wow...NICE
  3. Hmm....OK
  4. YUCK

Barring those who right now want to KILL me after reading the classification, i'd explain the basis of the categorization. The basis of categorization is - SEX!!!

Why such a blatantly shallow physical view you ask??? Why not look at the "intellectual" standing you ask???

Simple guys and gals, you see 10 gals(or guys - from a girl's POV) on the road at any given time, you're not thinking how 'smart' he/she is in the brain department, you're thinking about how he/she looks. You can't possibly gauge his/her mental prowess just by looking at him/her,,can you???

Now let's get to the classifications in detail

  1. OOOH MAN...She's HOT - Usually reserved for the top 1-5% of the female species in a strange crowd at a public place or your inner and outer friends circle. The "Hotness" meter depending on - Size of "Assets" - Larger and more shapely,higher the marks( 'Larger' applies only to the bust and hip area. TUMMY area better not be LARGE by any measure) ; Flirto meter - How easy it is to chat upto her and whether she's amicable enough quickly to flirt with without having to worry about her walking off or worse......a BLACK EYE and a publicly bruised EGO. Would usually be wearing designer labels with a generous but skillful application of makeup to 'enhance' oneself to be even more appealing. Guys drool, and i mean DROOOOOL, over girls in this category coz they feel they've hit the 'mother load' when it comes to 'high quality Pussy'. To get the attention of such gals, guys will act more macho than usual, either in front of her directly or around their usual other guy friends; seemingly splurge more money than usual; try talking in uber- class accents more akin to a BPO employee's sales pitch than a casual coffee chat. Once a conversation is hit up,,it's not unusual for the guy to then run through phone recharges and bills as if they were toilet paper. Once dating gets underway, it's not unusual for the guy to flaunt her in front of other friends. Primary Goal( and secondary, and tertiary) is to get her into bed..PRONTO. If the guy is successful,,HALLELUJAH (and don't be surprised to see the guy flaunting his phone around to show proof via MMS vid. It's a dirty habit granted,but guys seemingly can't resist{personally i find it an appalling thing to do, but i don't speak for the masses}). If the guy is UN-successful, then i can bet pretty penny that the guy will go around town ruining her name to the nth degree by saying everything from - She's a money-digger. Bekkar hai, saali sirf paisa choosti hai( She's Shit. She just sucks up your money) and so on and so forth.
  2. Wow...NICE - Reserved for the next 5-20% of the crowd. The 'trials and tribulation' to get these gals' adulation and adoration is the same as for the "OOOH MAN...She's HOT" category,,but somewhat to a lesser degree. Usually these will be girls guys tend to focus on if they feel the "OOOH MAN" variety is beyond them,,,or they've been badly hurt when playing for them. So it's like a slightly less risky proposition (in theory anyway).. Unsuccessful endeavors also accompanied by face saving tactics such as demeaning the gal by spreading false stories or negative PR.
  3. Hmm...OK - These would be the 20-60% range. Usually guys wouldn't spend much time, energy and money on this category,,unless they feel they're getting "easy meat". If dumped by this category, guys usually DON'T spread bad PR. Confused??? Don't be. It's simply because they feel that spreading news about being 'rejected' by girls of this category will DAMAGE their public image rather badly as guys would usually think that this category of gals should make do with what they get.
  4. YUCK - Encompassing the remainder of the percentage. Guys usually DO NOT even heed these girls' presence in their universe UNLESS these girls themselves have friends who come in the other 3 categories. So these girls' will be catered to while the guys offhandedly work towards her friends. Are guys SLY or what???

You might notice that barring overviews on the classifications, i haven't gone into absolute details of the gals. That's because i can't generalize,,or should i say, subjectively qualify what qualities would place a girl in either category BEYOND what i've stated. But i have noticed something rather odd,,or should i say PARADOXICAL. Guys in Delhi, majorly Punjabis, do NOT harbour any fancy towards dark skinned girls in general day to day discussions. BUT, that does NOT keep them from drooling over dark skinned actresses like Bipasha Basu, Sameera Reddy, Rani Mukherjee etc. I myself do not know why this is so. I personally find dark skinned girls as beautiful as fair skinned ones. HOWEVER....even more strangely, when it comes to SEX or Sexual Fantasies,,,dark skinned girls score ABOVE fair skinned ones. The logic of such confusing state of affairs escapes me for sure. And as a REMINDER,,do heed my words when i say this - Guys DEFINITELY give more 'weightage' to the 'below neck' area than the 'above neck' one. So you can have a nice,shapely face,,but it's a darn good guarantee that a girl even with a not-so-nice shapely face but a damn good pair of breasts and a shapely arse will catch the guy's attention loads faster than a nice face alone. I'm sure the makers of padded bras got around to this fact far earlier than many of those who USE them.

Right then,,,i guess that takes care of the physical side of things. Let's get to the 'intellectual' side of things.

Guys and Gals are on very different platforms when it comes to the intellectual side of things as one is very well aware of(IF you're NOT,,be aware after reading this). Guys cannot tolerate small-talk after 15 mins,,or if the girl is a fast talker, 5 mins. After that no matter how much the guy smiles at you or nods, you can be sure he's gone someplace else thinking of sports, cars, bikes or simply SEX. So avoid small-talk beyond what it's mainly used for - ICE BREAKING! And Puh-leeeeese, DESIST from talking about clothes, shopping and whatever else BARGAIN deals you had with the guy. Guys are not interested in how good you look in what you're wearing after 5 mins of "Hello"..They're interested in how good you'll look WITHOUT those clothes. And contrary to popular belief,,a gal talking about another gal does NOT interest the guy too much, infact it bores him no end. So do try and keep the conversation on matters mutually relevant to both.

As i pointed out in my last 2 "Scribbles" entries, guys hate,,,HATE it when gals twist,turn, tumble and beat around the bush when touching upon a sensitive topic. If you wanna say something,,,,SAY IT CLEARLY and PRECISELY.. It saves time, it saves energy, and it saves a helluva lotta hair pulling for the guy who sometimes feels like nothing better than to give a right royal forehand across her face to get her to divulge what it is she really wants to say. So please gals,,,do us guys this much favour and drop the needless politics from your speeches and say what you want clear and fast.

After reading this you readers( especially the female readers) might think that guys are unscrupulous, shady, sly, mean creatures who think of only getting the gal into bed and nothing else. Well,,for them i ask just one question.

What else does a guy want with a gal in the most basic scheme of things if not SEX????

The age old debate of "whether a guy and a gal can just be friends" will usually pop up after reading upto this point. Well,, of course they can be "just friends",,i've covered that angle in the "YUCK" point. Of course that is not the ONLY friendship angle out there,,but others are beyond the purview of this blog.

EPILOGUE - Whilst you think of arguing that point via commendations, comments, flames and other degrees of textual communication,,i'll wrap up this edition of Scribbles. DO note that the topic of "relationships" has been CLOSED as of this moment. I've showcased both the guy side and the girl side spanning the 3 editions of the series. NO FURTHER ARTICLES will be dealt with on this topic, unless something specific pops up in the future which has been overlooked in the 3 editions.

Comments welcome......

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Request / Suggestion / ORDER

To all those who place comments to my works......


Don't send anonymous comments..Especially when you seek a reply line from me.

Use the "Other" option while posting your comments (In case you have no blogger address of your own,,but have a blog elsewhere)

Or if using the anonymous option,,atleast kindly state your names( yeah ok,, stating your name defeats the purpose of "anonymous", but if you ask any questions in your comments,,atleast give me a "reply to" address where i can answer any questions or queries.).

Thank you..


Monday, October 30, 2006

Scribbles of a wandering mind - Part Deux(that's 2 for the uninitiated)

I wasn't going to write another blog so soon,,ESPECIALLY not a continuation of my "Scribbles" series. But some comments regarding the latter part of my blog (Games with Girls theme) prompted me to write one ASAP.

So here Goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As i've said, it is the comments to my earlier blog "Scribbles of a wandering mind" that has made me write another edition of that series. I wouldn't really pay that much attention usually to comments, but this time it's different. Not only was my "take" dismissed by a very close friend of mine, but her comments was also backed up by an anon writer (female).'s a matter of pride,ego and good old MANHOOD that i must uphold my HONOUR and stand up to my ideas in the face of adversity.

Now then,,let's BEGIN.

First of all, i would like to say to both the gals who replied to me with their views - " CLOSE,,,but no CIGAR"


SImply coz i had already expected this reply , and other on these lines when i clearly wrote "Lady
readers of this blog would surely say everything from "This guy's
NUTS,this plan of action will never work." to " How MEAN!!Playing
around with girls' feelings" and everything in between,"
. I have also written the underlying reason behind those replies which is "It's
all a smokescreen to really hide the frustration that'll come up by
seeing that girls' NO LONGER will have the upper hand in initiating
hookups with guys."

But another question popped up in my mind. Why is it that gals want simple straightforward moves from guys when they themselves go about doing anything BUT.

You still with me???

What i mean to say is,,how many of us haven't seen the following "theatrics" by gals when it comes to guys. Here's a point by point breakdown for ease of follow :-

  1. A gal would be sneaking looks at a guy,,but when the guy makes eye contact with a gal, the gal will almost always fastidiously tilt, more like JERK,  her neck away from the guy and start looking at everything from the clouds to the stars to Pigeons shitting on top of a wire(well, maybe not THAT). Now it's understandable in most cases that gals don't want unwanted attention and their lack of making eye contact is justified,,BUT,,,when you see eye contact being made multiple times (started by the gal) and you see this "neck craning" happening. It does become amusing and frustrating at the same time. Amusing coz this peek-a-boo is fun,,but frustrating coz after a while we (guys) start thinking, "what the hell man?? Either pass a smile and take this forward,,or cease this childish eye-sneaks and go about your business". Now the gal's logic behind doing such theatrics,,,well,,you figure it out. I've stopped trying.
  2. A movie outing is a case study in theatrics in itself. For one,,Gals NEVER say directly that they wanna see a particular movie. They'll drop hints like "ooh this movie seems cool", "Mere friends keh rahe hain bahuuuuuut achchi hai", "ooooh!! Hrithik/Abhi/Zayed etc etc(replace with your fav hero figure here) is in it". Longer the "oooooh",,more interested is the gal in seeing the movie and more pressing is the hint for the guy to book the tickets. In most cases these hints do work when the movie is one which both the gal and the guy can equally enjoy,,but when a movie comes that's strictly in the catagory of "girly movies" like  gooey romance(Titanic,,YUCK. Karan Johar movies......ULTRA YUCK) and the gal wants the guy to take her,,these theatrics come to naught. But then again,,gals being gals,,you won't expect them to straightly say "ok i want to see this movie, would you like to come????"..Oh hell NO....It never happens. Then one fine day the guy would find out that the gal missed the movie and is right royally pissed at the guy for "not getting the hints" or she would have seen it already with her other friends and cousins but would be pissed at the "GUY" that he didn't take her.  On the corrollary,, if a guy asks the gal out for a movie which might come in the generally "guy's only" catagory like Sci-Fi, Action, Horror, Comic book flicks, War; and the gal is not interested,,it would be a HELLUVA lot better if the gal just said "NO,,not my kind of movie". But usually,,guys get "Hmm,,tell you later", "Abhi confirm nahin hai" etc etc. Of course the smart ones do make up fast backup plans with their guy pals to see it,,but some nutbags do miss out on great movies coz they're too gullible thinking that their "gal" would really sort out her schedule and give a confirmation to see the film,,,the confirmation sometimes comes when the movie has GONE OUT of the theatres.
  3. Relationship politics is something i've dealt with in my PART I blog on this subject. Here's some more tidbits on the matter. Situation 1:Gal likes guy and guy does not know gal likes guy - As i said in my earlier blog, girls are incredibly COY about positively stating that she likes a guy. And the funny thing is,,the gal would disclose she likes a particular guy to EVERYBODY in her circle,,,EXCEPT the guy in question. The logic behind it might be that the guy would get the buzz from others around him that so and so gal likes him and then the guy would make the "proposal" to the gal which she would gigglingly accept(or if she's a real NUTCRACKER,,will make the guy even more confused with silly refusals). If the twisted newsflow works,,all good in the end. But if it doesn't work and the guy is still aloof,,the gal mostly(speaking from personal experience) starts ranting like "oooh,,he's a idiot. Doesn't understand my feelings at all" and so forth OR,,(this one takes the cake in the cheesy-meter) the gal will start flirting with other guys in front of the principal guy in order to TRY and make him jealous that she's hanging out with other guys and not with him(guys increasingly are doing the same thing,,though speaking from the same side of the fence, i consider an UTTER waste of time,money and energy). Sort of a taunt, lure and trap action used by Wildlife hunters. And what comes of this???? Beats me...Wouldn't it be a better straight forward approach to say "I like you" and then carry it forward if it does??? Saves time,,,saves energy,,,and sure as hell cuts down on the news rounds between friends which might twist the primary issue into a whole new abomination. 
So really gals,,,after what all i've pointed out,,are you in ANY position what so ever to say what all that guys do works or doesn't work on gals when in most cases even gals' actions is nothing but a literal case study or catalogue of "HOW NOT TO WASTE TIME" or "HOW TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS DIRECTLY"!!!!

Readers here(especially female) would point out that i'm overly critical of gals while glossing over potential similar theatrics employed by guys....Don't fret my lady readers. I'm but just stating one side of the issue right now. Rest assured i'll point out the GUY story in future blogs for the reading pleasure of you females.

So then,,,i feel i'm vidicated in my stand on how i look at things and how i react. Am i correct in doing so??? Or am i severly lost???? Give in your comments,,tell me where i'm right or wrong,,tell me where i can fine tune my ideas and actions,,tell me how to make both sides of the fence(guys and gals) cut the needless chess moves when both know what is it they both want.....EACH OTHER!!!

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Scribbles of a wandering mind

I haven't been very active with my blog for last 2 months...


Well,,one would think i had nothing to write about. On the contrary, i had plenty to write about, but somehow couldn't find the time nor the want to write it all down....Writer's block perhaps!!!!!

Now then...Time to remedy that and get on with the flow of words emcompassing everything from the greater universe and everything under it.

I don't have a particular topic to write about in this blog, so i'll just write down my observations and happenings around me for the past 2 months which have been,,,rather interesting to the discerning eye (and MIND).

Let me start with what i'd call " The Curse of FAME " !!!!!!

um,,NO..There's no DEAD person in the subject matter should you think so after reading that line. The subject matter concerns one of my closest friends (name withheld for sake of discretion) who recently had brushes with rather.....unconventional.......sort of admirers. HEHEHE.

The person i'm talking about recently came to orkut and like many others who are unaware of the "pitfalls" of the vast reach and networkability of the Net(and especially SocNet sites like Orkut,MySpace etc),,proceeded to upload pics of oneself in all it's glory (NO NO..nothing lewd or nude). Now nothing wrong in that, after all that's what pics are for...Sharing!!! But the problem arises when apart from reaching out to the core and intended audience with your profile/pics,,,you also garner unwarranted attention... I'm really beating around the bush,,aren't I?? hehe.. Oks,' let me get to the point. Getting attention from the members of the same sex is kinda odd,,,,but getting sexual advances from the same is outright spooky.....unless one is 'unconventional' himself/herself (disclaimer - i'm not very 'liberal' in matters of alternate sexuality,,so if my posts sound harsh or "homophobic",,don't start shouting). Now this person is taking such advances quite cool, hats off on that regard. I would have surely slammed that GAY person if i had such advances thrown at me. How it all pans out for his/her further communiques in orkut remains to be seen...But it sure is fun listening to the tales of such advances from that person and the replies...HEHE.

Moral of the story - Don't advertise yourself too much if you can't handle the

Another thing i have noted extensively in the past few months is the issue of female attention towards guys and vice versa. Now you ask,,what the hell has this guy noted so extensively that we don't know about?????


I never said i've noted anything NEW,,i'm just saying 'this is what I have noticed'. Chances are you know about this already. So here we go..

Haven't we usually asked the question, "Why doesn't that girl give any attention to me?", or , in a corrollary, if the girl in question turns down your advances, you say to yourself (and to your friends) " Man,,she's too arrogant. What does she think about herself??" (replace with your own quib here). Haven't we??????????

Well,,,,,i seem to have a solution that works PERFECTLY(apart from one TINY drawback,,which we'll come to LATER).

The 'plan of action' is to simply,,,,remain COOL..

Sounds like a real downer after that buildup,doesn't it???

Well,,NO it's NOT. Best way is just be casual friends with that girl until you can really figure out whether you and her can really ever be "an item" together. It's not too hard at all actually. Joke, jest, tease, flirt, call and even go out once or twice but DON'T BECOME ATTACHED....Prod to know her intentions,,but don't act is if a "Yes" or a "No" from her side will really affect you all that much. And if you can play it really cool,,,i can guaran-damn-tee that the girl will make the first move. YOU on the other hand can avoid all the uncomfortable questions like "What IF.......??????". Plus,,with this line of action,,you can actually expand your attention to many girls in and around your vicinity of action. Not only will this give you many more potential targets,,but also improve your social skills with the ladies,,provided your SKILLS are not dead to begin with. Isn't that a much better way to go about things rather than shape-shift yourself to garner the attention/approval of your lady target????? Now of course all i'm suggesting is the basic overall framework of action, how you go about it is unique to everyone. If anybody reading this has a better plan of action,,put it forward. Share it for the betterment of all mankind......ok.......MALE-kind.

Now you might be asking,,what the DRAWBACK of this plan of action is(as i pointed above)?????

The "drawback" is......the "feeling" factor that's making us go about these "plan of action" situations in the first place. You can go about that above said plan with amazing ease with as many members of the opposite sex as you want..But the problem arises when,,,you find someone who can match these steps of yours with effimate ease and can play you back. Now a guy would see that he's been "tagged" at his games and will, and SHOULD,  withdraw immediately. But that's not what some guys will do( hell even I didn't do that). I rather than withdraw, infact become more attracted towards the gal who has successfully matched these same steps as i have employed.

Now i myself face a dilemma.....

Do i stop these tactics and profess my outright liking to that gal by circumventing the "PLAN"????


Keep at it on and on till one of us totally bends in light of sustained "assaults" on each other by each other.

So now you ask,,,," We're back to square one!!!!!!!!! "

HEHE,,i never said this was going to be straightforward,,did i????

Now lady readers of this blog would surely say everything from "This guy's NUTS,this plan of action will never work." to " How MEAN!!Playing around with girls' feelings" and everything in between, but worry not guys..It's all a smokescreen to really hide the frustration that'll come up by seeing that girls' NO LONGER will have the upper hand in initiating hookups with guys. Feels Liberating doesn't it??? Try it...let me know how it works..

I guess that' all for this edition of my scribbles..Will write more later as my keen mind absorbs events from my life in the coming days and weeks..

Till then.......


Thursday, August 03, 2006

OMKARA....Pleasure of a great movie and the sadness for the death of intelligent viewership

How would i rate the movie OMKARA???

Give by my best of the lot rating - GREAT??????
The worst of the lot rating - Unadulterated CRAP?????

For OMKARA though, i'll slightly shift my stands and put up a new rating - ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!!!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, i would rate OMKARA as one of the best movies ever to grace our cinemas in a long long time(i'd say better than the overhyped and degeneratively BORING "Black"). The storyline, as advertised is adapted from Shakespeare's Othello; the characters; the setting; the pace all come together for one of the most exhilarating movie experiences worth the admission fee and the massively overpriced bar snacks.

Whilst i'd refrain from divulging the plot of the movie so as not to give out any spoilers and let you enjoy it for yourselves, i would like to point out some sterling aspects.....

First and foremost, the Storyline. Though i have not read Othello, after seeing the movie, one would surely be interested in reading the literary work even if it is to just gauge the level of adaptation undertaken by the director to give it a Indian background and feel.

Two,the chacacters. Special mention should be given to the casting director for picking a stellar cast. Ajay Devgan is a gem for serious roles anyway,but it is Saif Ali Khan who in my view really really steals the show. His character (Langda Tyagi) is a absolute treat to watch. Another noteworthy performance would be that of Konkana Sen as the inimitable neighbour gal, Indu, who's the emotional crutch for Kareena Kapoor's character (Dolly Mishra) throughout the movie. Though the others do not seem to perform as well as the 3 i've pointed out, their roles and characterizations fit the movie as a whole and won't take away from the movie experience.

Thirdly the settings and locale. Adapting a shakespeare drama to a rural UP setting works really really well, seeing as it is that rural UP is a total grey area where personal and professional politics intermingle so much,the lines demarcating them are blurred into oblivion. The natural rustic overtunes of the movie is a farcry(and if i may say a welcome change) from the sweet sweet, cushy, sugar candy settings of Karan Johar movies and a ton of "rich guy-poor gal" or "poor guy-rich gal" settings. Even the songs( by Gulzar) give you a feel of the real UP and even though incomprehensible in lyrics most of the time, really stick in your mind and keep rolling off your tongue when you least expect them to.

So, as a summary,i say take time out in the weekend or a holiday and WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Now................. we come to the negatives part of the whole experience. Any guesses what THAT might be??? Come on,,take a guess...NO..i insist..take a guess...

OK,,i'll save you the painful firing of the brain cells by telling you the greatest crib i had about the whole movie....THE F***ING AUDIENCE. Well,,not the whole audience,,but surely the bunch of females sitting in the row immediately back of mine should have been chucked out after the first half hour of the movie.

Why you ask????

I shall tell you. A movie like this should be treated differently from watching say,,a K3G or a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or any of those slick clothed, uber rich, song and dance sequenced movies, where the hero and heroine are nothing but glorified clotheshorses for major design labels. So how does THAT apply here??? Well,,for one,,i would surely cringe(and i did) when while watching the first half hour of a movie to gauge character growth and background and i suddenly hear "OOH...Kareena is looking so good" or another half hour later "ooh Kareena is not wearing this dress properly" or " Viveik is looking so cuuuuuute". You getting what i'm saying?? How the HELL do females manage to look at a movie like Omkara and take down fashion tips on a PhD level is something beyond me(and i presume beyond the ability of MOST males to apprehend as well). Of course if one has a view about something in a movie,keep it hush hush within your own group, not BLURT it out for 2 rows on either side to hear it. But i guess i should have expected such a behaviour,,after all,, certain females were more interested in Superman's "BULGE" in his trademark red shorts and giggling than watching the movie as a real fan of the genre would. Is it any wonder then that guys usually go as a "male only" group when they really "want to see" the movie rather than "enjoy the company"???

In today(3rd August) TOI, there's a article which is titled "Familes avoid Omkara". Why,,you ask?? It's coz the movie is chock full of cuss words from male and female characters alike. But is that really a big issue?? One can literally write a encyclopedia of cuss words by just listening to people shouting at each other in a half hour traffic jam. So why would such a scene in a movie warrant a viewer blackout?? I don't know???Hypocritical moral high ground??Who cares!!!As far as i saw, most shows of Omkara are running houseful in Delhi, and so it should. Whether it's just college crowd or timepass couples gracing the theaters or families or intelligent viewers is a no-issue taken as a whole. Those who've seen the movie rave about it coz that's what it deserves, those who say the movie is avoidable coz of the cuss words better go into the open world and see how sweet and sugary people's conversations really are.

And so i point out the latter part of my title "death of intelligent viewership". While there's no doubt that the upcoming Karan Johar movie "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna" will run to full houses for a couple weeks atleast with college guys and gals drooling over Abhishek,Preity, Shah Rukh and Rani and how pretty they look in their designer label wares and trendy US settings, the less than serious and "fashion centric" views of people(mostly young males and females) while watching movies like Raincoat, Black and Omkara is truly, TRULY painful to watch. Maybe i'm just being too cynical,then again, maybe NOT.

I guess one would understand what i'm saying here when they go to see such classic works and are bombarded by statements like "oooh,how cute!!!", "how uncouth",," not wearing this properly",,"dress making her look FAT" and so on and so forth. But keeping all this apart,,,my final recommendation....GO AND WATCH OMKARA...

JUST DO IT...............

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

United Nations - Dead in the water????

OR should the question be,,,WAS IT EVER EFFECTIVE????

One would be surprised at the question no doubt, but let's dig a bit deeper in the recent history to really gauge whether the UN is/was any good.

Let's start with the Cold War years----

During the 50s and 60s,the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland and put down anti-communist uprisings with brutal armed force. What did the UN do????NOTHING!!!

In 1979,The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and unleashed a brutal 4 years of mass killing.What did the UN do???NOTHING!!!

Post 1991 breakup of USSR, Serbia unleashed a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing of muslims in Bosnia,what did the UN do???? NOTHING!!!

Coming to the latest conflict in Lebanon.Where Hezbollah Militia have virtually setup a parallel govt and are firing rocket into Israel with impunity. And as usual what is the UN doing??? NOTHING!!!

It's little wonder then that the UN is increasingly seen as just a talking space for world leaders with little or no place in the real world. What good is a world body where all that happens is a lot of filibustering with little concrete action??? All that Kofi Annan seems to do is chant "ceasefire" whenver any armed conflict happens around the world.

Seems it is time to disband this sham of a world body and let the world problems be solved in the best way possible there is. Blow each other's asses off with open war and let the world be that of the victor(s).

It is the way of evolution - The Strong survive and the Weak perish.

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Return of the Bloggers


Not quite..

Not only is this the rebirth of MY OWN BLOG..But also the rebirth of the Indian blogging scene that saw a phase of "blocking out" by our far-sighted and wise visioned government.Can't blame the government totally though. They only pointed out individual blogs,,but the ISPs thought it would be much easier to just block out the entire site(Mera Bharat Mahaan...Lazy and cutting corners in every line of work).

BUT.....All that is in the past..Today you'll witness the re-birth of my blog(hopefully it'll NOT fizzle out again due to inactivity..hehe)..

So fasten your seatbelts folks.Expand your horizons with ideas,views and personal takes about everything from international politics, Intra-national politics and politics between boyfriend and girlfriend(THE MOST DANGEROUS KIND) and everything under the Sun..

And of course it is YOUR(yes,,YOU the reader) DUTY to comment upon what i've written. Want to shower me with praises for my writing??? Don't hold back. Want to contradict me??? Go ahead. Want to flame me??? Don't bother wasting your time and energy..

Right then...It's SHOWTIME..