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Sunday, July 23, 2006

United Nations - Dead in the water????

OR should the question be,,,WAS IT EVER EFFECTIVE????

One would be surprised at the question no doubt, but let's dig a bit deeper in the recent history to really gauge whether the UN is/was any good.

Let's start with the Cold War years----

During the 50s and 60s,the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland and put down anti-communist uprisings with brutal armed force. What did the UN do????NOTHING!!!

In 1979,The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and unleashed a brutal 4 years of mass killing.What did the UN do???NOTHING!!!

Post 1991 breakup of USSR, Serbia unleashed a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing of muslims in Bosnia,what did the UN do???? NOTHING!!!

Coming to the latest conflict in Lebanon.Where Hezbollah Militia have virtually setup a parallel govt and are firing rocket into Israel with impunity. And as usual what is the UN doing??? NOTHING!!!

It's little wonder then that the UN is increasingly seen as just a talking space for world leaders with little or no place in the real world. What good is a world body where all that happens is a lot of filibustering with little concrete action??? All that Kofi Annan seems to do is chant "ceasefire" whenver any armed conflict happens around the world.

Seems it is time to disband this sham of a world body and let the world problems be solved in the best way possible there is. Blow each other's asses off with open war and let the world be that of the victor(s).

It is the way of evolution - The Strong survive and the Weak perish.

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Return of the Bloggers


Not quite..

Not only is this the rebirth of MY OWN BLOG..But also the rebirth of the Indian blogging scene that saw a phase of "blocking out" by our far-sighted and wise visioned government.Can't blame the government totally though. They only pointed out individual blogs,,but the ISPs thought it would be much easier to just block out the entire site(Mera Bharat Mahaan...Lazy and cutting corners in every line of work).

BUT.....All that is in the past..Today you'll witness the re-birth of my blog(hopefully it'll NOT fizzle out again due to inactivity..hehe)..

So fasten your seatbelts folks.Expand your horizons with ideas,views and personal takes about everything from international politics, Intra-national politics and politics between boyfriend and girlfriend(THE MOST DANGEROUS KIND) and everything under the Sun..

And of course it is YOUR(yes,,YOU the reader) DUTY to comment upon what i've written. Want to shower me with praises for my writing??? Don't hold back. Want to contradict me??? Go ahead. Want to flame me??? Don't bother wasting your time and energy..

Right then...It's SHOWTIME..