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Monday, October 30, 2006

Scribbles of a wandering mind - Part Deux(that's 2 for the uninitiated)

I wasn't going to write another blog so soon,,ESPECIALLY not a continuation of my "Scribbles" series. But some comments regarding the latter part of my blog (Games with Girls theme) prompted me to write one ASAP.

So here Goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As i've said, it is the comments to my earlier blog "Scribbles of a wandering mind" that has made me write another edition of that series. I wouldn't really pay that much attention usually to comments, but this time it's different. Not only was my "take" dismissed by a very close friend of mine, but her comments was also backed up by an anon writer (female).'s a matter of pride,ego and good old MANHOOD that i must uphold my HONOUR and stand up to my ideas in the face of adversity.

Now then,,let's BEGIN.

First of all, i would like to say to both the gals who replied to me with their views - " CLOSE,,,but no CIGAR"


SImply coz i had already expected this reply , and other on these lines when i clearly wrote "Lady
readers of this blog would surely say everything from "This guy's
NUTS,this plan of action will never work." to " How MEAN!!Playing
around with girls' feelings" and everything in between,"
. I have also written the underlying reason behind those replies which is "It's
all a smokescreen to really hide the frustration that'll come up by
seeing that girls' NO LONGER will have the upper hand in initiating
hookups with guys."

But another question popped up in my mind. Why is it that gals want simple straightforward moves from guys when they themselves go about doing anything BUT.

You still with me???

What i mean to say is,,how many of us haven't seen the following "theatrics" by gals when it comes to guys. Here's a point by point breakdown for ease of follow :-

  1. A gal would be sneaking looks at a guy,,but when the guy makes eye contact with a gal, the gal will almost always fastidiously tilt, more like JERK,  her neck away from the guy and start looking at everything from the clouds to the stars to Pigeons shitting on top of a wire(well, maybe not THAT). Now it's understandable in most cases that gals don't want unwanted attention and their lack of making eye contact is justified,,BUT,,,when you see eye contact being made multiple times (started by the gal) and you see this "neck craning" happening. It does become amusing and frustrating at the same time. Amusing coz this peek-a-boo is fun,,but frustrating coz after a while we (guys) start thinking, "what the hell man?? Either pass a smile and take this forward,,or cease this childish eye-sneaks and go about your business". Now the gal's logic behind doing such theatrics,,,well,,you figure it out. I've stopped trying.
  2. A movie outing is a case study in theatrics in itself. For one,,Gals NEVER say directly that they wanna see a particular movie. They'll drop hints like "ooh this movie seems cool", "Mere friends keh rahe hain bahuuuuuut achchi hai", "ooooh!! Hrithik/Abhi/Zayed etc etc(replace with your fav hero figure here) is in it". Longer the "oooooh",,more interested is the gal in seeing the movie and more pressing is the hint for the guy to book the tickets. In most cases these hints do work when the movie is one which both the gal and the guy can equally enjoy,,but when a movie comes that's strictly in the catagory of "girly movies" like  gooey romance(Titanic,,YUCK. Karan Johar movies......ULTRA YUCK) and the gal wants the guy to take her,,these theatrics come to naught. But then again,,gals being gals,,you won't expect them to straightly say "ok i want to see this movie, would you like to come????"..Oh hell NO....It never happens. Then one fine day the guy would find out that the gal missed the movie and is right royally pissed at the guy for "not getting the hints" or she would have seen it already with her other friends and cousins but would be pissed at the "GUY" that he didn't take her.  On the corrollary,, if a guy asks the gal out for a movie which might come in the generally "guy's only" catagory like Sci-Fi, Action, Horror, Comic book flicks, War; and the gal is not interested,,it would be a HELLUVA lot better if the gal just said "NO,,not my kind of movie". But usually,,guys get "Hmm,,tell you later", "Abhi confirm nahin hai" etc etc. Of course the smart ones do make up fast backup plans with their guy pals to see it,,but some nutbags do miss out on great movies coz they're too gullible thinking that their "gal" would really sort out her schedule and give a confirmation to see the film,,,the confirmation sometimes comes when the movie has GONE OUT of the theatres.
  3. Relationship politics is something i've dealt with in my PART I blog on this subject. Here's some more tidbits on the matter. Situation 1:Gal likes guy and guy does not know gal likes guy - As i said in my earlier blog, girls are incredibly COY about positively stating that she likes a guy. And the funny thing is,,the gal would disclose she likes a particular guy to EVERYBODY in her circle,,,EXCEPT the guy in question. The logic behind it might be that the guy would get the buzz from others around him that so and so gal likes him and then the guy would make the "proposal" to the gal which she would gigglingly accept(or if she's a real NUTCRACKER,,will make the guy even more confused with silly refusals). If the twisted newsflow works,,all good in the end. But if it doesn't work and the guy is still aloof,,the gal mostly(speaking from personal experience) starts ranting like "oooh,,he's a idiot. Doesn't understand my feelings at all" and so forth OR,,(this one takes the cake in the cheesy-meter) the gal will start flirting with other guys in front of the principal guy in order to TRY and make him jealous that she's hanging out with other guys and not with him(guys increasingly are doing the same thing,,though speaking from the same side of the fence, i consider an UTTER waste of time,money and energy). Sort of a taunt, lure and trap action used by Wildlife hunters. And what comes of this???? Beats me...Wouldn't it be a better straight forward approach to say "I like you" and then carry it forward if it does??? Saves time,,,saves energy,,,and sure as hell cuts down on the news rounds between friends which might twist the primary issue into a whole new abomination. 
So really gals,,,after what all i've pointed out,,are you in ANY position what so ever to say what all that guys do works or doesn't work on gals when in most cases even gals' actions is nothing but a literal case study or catalogue of "HOW NOT TO WASTE TIME" or "HOW TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS DIRECTLY"!!!!

Readers here(especially female) would point out that i'm overly critical of gals while glossing over potential similar theatrics employed by guys....Don't fret my lady readers. I'm but just stating one side of the issue right now. Rest assured i'll point out the GUY story in future blogs for the reading pleasure of you females.

So then,,,i feel i'm vidicated in my stand on how i look at things and how i react. Am i correct in doing so??? Or am i severly lost???? Give in your comments,,tell me where i'm right or wrong,,tell me where i can fine tune my ideas and actions,,tell me how to make both sides of the fence(guys and gals) cut the needless chess moves when both know what is it they both want.....EACH OTHER!!!

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Anonymous said...

u write so well .are u a journalist ?or working with some magazine?i wish to have a blog soon inspired by urs

Nivedita said...

:-w waiting for the guys part :P

Nivedita said...

nice :)
you can post your reply in your blog itself, I do have the habit of checking back if I had made any comment :)
Anyways I was confused for a sec, for I didnt know your name :)