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Friday, October 20, 2006

Scribbles of a wandering mind

I haven't been very active with my blog for last 2 months...


Well,,one would think i had nothing to write about. On the contrary, i had plenty to write about, but somehow couldn't find the time nor the want to write it all down....Writer's block perhaps!!!!!

Now then...Time to remedy that and get on with the flow of words emcompassing everything from the greater universe and everything under it.

I don't have a particular topic to write about in this blog, so i'll just write down my observations and happenings around me for the past 2 months which have been,,,rather interesting to the discerning eye (and MIND).

Let me start with what i'd call " The Curse of FAME " !!!!!!

um,,NO..There's no DEAD person in the subject matter should you think so after reading that line. The subject matter concerns one of my closest friends (name withheld for sake of discretion) who recently had brushes with rather.....unconventional.......sort of admirers. HEHEHE.

The person i'm talking about recently came to orkut and like many others who are unaware of the "pitfalls" of the vast reach and networkability of the Net(and especially SocNet sites like Orkut,MySpace etc),,proceeded to upload pics of oneself in all it's glory (NO NO..nothing lewd or nude). Now nothing wrong in that, after all that's what pics are for...Sharing!!! But the problem arises when apart from reaching out to the core and intended audience with your profile/pics,,,you also garner unwarranted attention... I'm really beating around the bush,,aren't I?? hehe.. Oks,' let me get to the point. Getting attention from the members of the same sex is kinda odd,,,,but getting sexual advances from the same is outright spooky.....unless one is 'unconventional' himself/herself (disclaimer - i'm not very 'liberal' in matters of alternate sexuality,,so if my posts sound harsh or "homophobic",,don't start shouting). Now this person is taking such advances quite cool, hats off on that regard. I would have surely slammed that GAY person if i had such advances thrown at me. How it all pans out for his/her further communiques in orkut remains to be seen...But it sure is fun listening to the tales of such advances from that person and the replies...HEHE.

Moral of the story - Don't advertise yourself too much if you can't handle the

Another thing i have noted extensively in the past few months is the issue of female attention towards guys and vice versa. Now you ask,,what the hell has this guy noted so extensively that we don't know about?????


I never said i've noted anything NEW,,i'm just saying 'this is what I have noticed'. Chances are you know about this already. So here we go..

Haven't we usually asked the question, "Why doesn't that girl give any attention to me?", or , in a corrollary, if the girl in question turns down your advances, you say to yourself (and to your friends) " Man,,she's too arrogant. What does she think about herself??" (replace with your own quib here). Haven't we??????????

Well,,,,,i seem to have a solution that works PERFECTLY(apart from one TINY drawback,,which we'll come to LATER).

The 'plan of action' is to simply,,,,remain COOL..

Sounds like a real downer after that buildup,doesn't it???

Well,,NO it's NOT. Best way is just be casual friends with that girl until you can really figure out whether you and her can really ever be "an item" together. It's not too hard at all actually. Joke, jest, tease, flirt, call and even go out once or twice but DON'T BECOME ATTACHED....Prod to know her intentions,,but don't act is if a "Yes" or a "No" from her side will really affect you all that much. And if you can play it really cool,,,i can guaran-damn-tee that the girl will make the first move. YOU on the other hand can avoid all the uncomfortable questions like "What IF.......??????". Plus,,with this line of action,,you can actually expand your attention to many girls in and around your vicinity of action. Not only will this give you many more potential targets,,but also improve your social skills with the ladies,,provided your SKILLS are not dead to begin with. Isn't that a much better way to go about things rather than shape-shift yourself to garner the attention/approval of your lady target????? Now of course all i'm suggesting is the basic overall framework of action, how you go about it is unique to everyone. If anybody reading this has a better plan of action,,put it forward. Share it for the betterment of all mankind......ok.......MALE-kind.

Now you might be asking,,what the DRAWBACK of this plan of action is(as i pointed above)?????

The "drawback" is......the "feeling" factor that's making us go about these "plan of action" situations in the first place. You can go about that above said plan with amazing ease with as many members of the opposite sex as you want..But the problem arises when,,,you find someone who can match these steps of yours with effimate ease and can play you back. Now a guy would see that he's been "tagged" at his games and will, and SHOULD,  withdraw immediately. But that's not what some guys will do( hell even I didn't do that). I rather than withdraw, infact become more attracted towards the gal who has successfully matched these same steps as i have employed.

Now i myself face a dilemma.....

Do i stop these tactics and profess my outright liking to that gal by circumventing the "PLAN"????


Keep at it on and on till one of us totally bends in light of sustained "assaults" on each other by each other.

So now you ask,,,," We're back to square one!!!!!!!!! "

HEHE,,i never said this was going to be straightforward,,did i????

Now lady readers of this blog would surely say everything from "This guy's NUTS,this plan of action will never work." to " How MEAN!!Playing around with girls' feelings" and everything in between, but worry not guys..It's all a smokescreen to really hide the frustration that'll come up by seeing that girls' NO LONGER will have the upper hand in initiating hookups with guys. Feels Liberating doesn't it??? Try it...let me know how it works..

I guess that' all for this edition of my scribbles..Will write more later as my keen mind absorbs events from my life in the coming days and weeks..

Till then.......



minarulzz said...

well, generally girls r quite smart to understand any guy i mean "any" guys intentions.. howmuch ever cool u can try to act at the end all guys r same :|
the flip side of this cool and casual attitude can distance u from many prospects, as they may take taht dead pan look at this face value and treat u jus like a friend.. sorry boss ur post failed to impress me. try something new.. these age old tricks wont work anymore..

Anonymous said...

i agree with minarulzz.


Anonymous said...

Well, after reading the blog the first thing that came to my mind was the story of movie "HUM TUM"...!!! but i would rather stay neutral in this case, as there is a old wording "Bramhaji khud ladki banaker pachta rahe hei, kyunki ladki ko koi nahi samajh paaya"...its actually all abt"wht a girl want" "live and let live"....give her space and dont act like a jerk...!!!! :-)

Nivedita said...

it was alright, until the part

"So now you ask,,,," We're back to square one!!!!!!!!! " "

One doesnt take that much efforts to finally come to that point, atleast one of them must be matured enough to end the game.