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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Er.... No.

I'm not crazy, haven't woken up from a long coma or just recover from a
time-warping-catastrophic-life-changing event that put me totally out of whack
with what MONTH it is.

I know it's July (atleast when i started writing this blog,,seeing my recent
run of laziness, don't be surprised if this entry got published in October).

The title signifies the first entry of this year. (yeaaaaa....POP THE

And if you've read this far and not gone onto another site sensing this guy is
completely looney,,, allow me to enlighten you with what this entry is really

But let me begin with a question...or rather questions.Why is it that one person succeeds,,yet another fails?? Why does one community move ahead,,while another falters?? Why does Jealousy arise in friendship?? Why do relationships break??

Complex questions???? Searching for equally complex answers????

What if i told you,,,that the answers to each of the quetsions posed is EXACTLY
the same,,,and is but a SINGLE WORD????Puzzled??? No matter!!! Take a while,,,sip some caffeine to get your grey matter working,,,fire up GOOGLE and do what you want to to try to find the

Still Searching??????


Ok Ok,,,,,lemme end your torture and tell you the answer myself.


Yup, FEAR is the sole underlying most BASIC reason for all the ills questioned
above. Now before i explain,, I love fear!!!! I really do. It's the best ally one can
have if one learns to control his own,,and manipulate it in others. Ring a
Bell????? Yeah yeah,,,,same line was said in Batman Begins. But hey,,,you gotta
learn something,,might as well learn it while watching a good movie rather than
dozing over dreary books,,eh????? Anyways,,coming back to the topic,,you might
wanna ask,,why do i love fear??? Simple Reason. Fear makes people predictable,
and in my line of work, predictability based on fear is worth a
of MONEY........

NO, NO,,STOP,,,Don't call the Police!!!!!!! I'm not a gang member making money
via extortion calls!!!!!! I'm an equities trader,,and if you can really figure
out whether other traders are greedy enough to buy more or fearful enough to
start selling,,you can make Tons of money!!

Now then,,,,you waiting for explanation,,or rather,,ENLIGHTENMENT?? Wait no
more. I'll break up the chain of effects of FEAR and put in examples to simply
the "learning" process.


How does that happen???? Eh?????? Any Guesses????? Well,,,,,it's simple....
Consider a situation where you're asked to do something with the caveat that
the action entails risk,,,,but the successful execution of that action carries
reward remunerative of the risk involved. What do you do????? WHAT DO YOU DO???
In most probable likeness of Indian negativism that's so prevalent in pevious
generations,,and in many communities i'm personally aware of first hand,,seemingly
ETERNAL,,,YOU DECLINE!!!!! As in,,,you look at the "risk", overlook
the reward and just clam down. Fair Enough,,,you took a judgement call you
thought best suited to yourself. Now how does THIS lead to ANGER???? Just
clamming down surely is not gonna lead to anger,,now would it? Ah,,,but it
will. Just coz you've declined to undertake the action,,,doesn't mean everyone
else will too. So,,in all probability,,someone steps upto the
plate,,,undertakes the actions,,succeeds,,walks away with praise AND reward and
you sit on the sidelines looking and feeling like......AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT!!
Now,,NOW,, you start getting angry. First at yourself as to how you could
decline such a opportunity just because of some risk,,and later,,,slowly but
surely with repeated incidents,,,jealousy will result in you becoming angry at
the person who eventually accomplished the task and walked away with the reward.
2+2=4 eh?? Fear to Anger doesn't seem too far detached now,,do they???? But it
doesn't end there,,,does it??? Nope...It doesn't end there at all!!!!!! It
becomes more,,,,,much more..............


The anger building up could over time just melt away,,especially if you've
buried your fear and taken up opportunities and succeed,,,,but if it
doesn't,,,,then it becomes more virulent,,,more progressively destructive. The
anger leads to HATE... Hate both inwards at yourself,,,which can be remedied
with successes,,and outwards,,which is far more virulent and dangerous,,since
the only way this type of hate is diminished, is when the other person is
brought to some sort of shame or loss. This in turn fuels another cycle of
negativism. Just because we've failed,,,,we start wanting the other person to
fail as well. But we forget that the core reason for our failing is our own
internal fear. After all,,,failing while doing something,,,,,is anyday better
than failing by fearing to do something in the first place and end up not doing
anything at all. Isnt it?? But since when have we really taken a good look on
things and say that "my problems are my own doing"??? History is rife
with examples of one's own failures being projected as someone else's evils. Muslims
of the world anyone?????? Now we're upto hate,,,,,,but it would be foolish to
think hate would just subside on it's own,,,wouldn't it???? Hate requires an
avenue of escape.The avenues are aplenty,,,but the fallout of that hate is by
no means beneficial to anyone,,,including the one expressing that hate in the
first place, BECAUSE...............................


Suffering for whom you ask????? Suffering for everybody!!! Hate is almost
always focused on destructive actions as a means of escape. Al- Qaeda needs no
introduction. Now does the action undertaken to quench the hate really solve
anything??? No it doesn't. Whilst you'll have quenched one round of hate by
making another suffer by causing destruction to him,,,the reactive action that
person will do you you will cause destruction to you. And the whole cycle of
hate caused suffering starts all over again and feeds on itself and grows.

The examples given are just a part of our lives and the basic principle can be
applied and viewed from a multitude of paradigms and still be found to be true.

It can be applied to a situation where a guy fears to make a move on a
gal,,ends up losing her to another guy,,and hating THAT guy in return. Can be
applied in Office,,though there you have a diplomatic term for it -
PROFESSIONAL RIVALRY. Can be applied in politics. Can be applied in
society-trends as in Punjabis and Gujaratis are more affluent economically coz
they're more open to risky enterprises than Iyers who're generally very risk

So ultimately we see that a tiny niggle like FEAR can snowball into a
destructive cycle of emotional actions that aren't good for anyone....So as an
end note......


Ok Ok,,that wasn't the end note.....Chill Chill. The end note is,,,

Don't let irrational fear bog you down. Fear is useful coz it makes us think
before acting,,but allowing fear to clap us down into IN-action is a mortal
mistake. One who's effects are far-reaching beyond imagination. Remember,,,better
to try and fail,,,rather than not try at all. You might even SUCCEED!!!!

Till the next post......


P.S:- In case you're wondering from where i got the "Fear leads to Anger,
Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering" chain, don't search too
far,,and don't dig into old style religious books. You won't find it in any of
those. It's a teaching by one of the most famous philosophers of the 20th


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1 comment:

Nivedita said...

Well... I agree with you to an extent. Though some are courageous , lack of Will Power is the cause for most of the failures.
We need Will Power to cross the last lap and achieve our goal.