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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mucho Big BLUNDER!!!!!!!!!!

This post is my take on my last blog post.

I've always prided myself on the fact that i write crisp, i write precise and i write HARD. I use cuss words and make no apologies about it. Bottom line,,, the reader gets to know my POV about what i write in a clear,concise manner. But my last blog entry was,,,well,,how should i put it???


What went wrong?? I made the classical mistake any writer worth his salt would DIE before making(well,,even if he does make it without dying, the readers pretty much grill him anyway), writing out of his natural style!! The spacing, para makeup, content and overall style was pretty much 180 deg of my earlier entries. Namely,,i tried to be "diplomatic" in my writing rather than the "Poke a hot skewer up the ASS" way i've written my earlier entries. And it shows. Reading it is no fun,,,it has no "Punch",,,no feeling, no NOTHING. And in the new writing style,,,,i did something i've not done in ANY of my previous entries - I DIDN'T GRILL ANYONE!!!!!!


As atonement to my blasphemy, I'm now doing everyone the best thing possible for them and me, moving to my older style,,and going to write a follow up to my "HAPPY NEW YEAR" entry on lines of which i originally intended to write it. Diplomacy be damned!!!

Stay tuned to the next entry. It's coming soon.............well,,,,sooner than the gap between my last Scribbles and HAPPY NEW YEAR entry anyway.

Break out the popcorn for the next entry people,,,,,it's gonna be a WILD RIDE!!

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1 comment:

Nivedita said...

As always.... "Barking dogs never bite" :P